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The existing perception that ice-cream contains too many calories is just a myth!  In contrast, scientists have proven lately that ice-cream is very beneficial to the human body, since it contains many nutritious substances. The primary ingredient of ice cream is milk, therefore, ice-cream is considered as nutritious as yogurt and cheese. Scientists have also come to the conclusion that ice-cream contains properties that fight anxiety and it is a perfect pleasure, especially during hot weather, that nobody can resist.

Milk, that is the main ingredient of ice cream, consists of water, fat which contains various fatty acids and vitamins A, D and E, lactose, proteins, enzymes and minerals. 19 vitamins are found in milk and the main minerals are calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, sodium and potassium.

Ice cream is considered among the richest sources of calcium, phosphorous and other minerals in nutrition.  The nutritional value and digestible properties of ice cream are well recognized by medical scientists. Ice cream is an essential part of menus in hospitals all over the world.

Ice cream contains fewer calories than most traditional portions of dessert. A portion of our ice cream may contain between 80-200 calories, whereas a sweet often exceeds 400 calories.  So, the following apparently contradictory statement is absolutely true:
Add ice cream to your regular diet and increase your weight; take ice cream as part of your regular diet and reduce your weight.

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Please see below a table with the average nutritional value for each ice cream.


Ice Cream Energy   Proteins  Carbohydrates   Fat
Plaka Classic Bar per piece 110ml 1005 kJ 1.9 g 17.4 g 18.3 g
242 kcal
Sandwich Classic per piece 110ml 587 kJ 2.9 g 20.5 g 5.1 g
140 lcal
Agrino Classic Cone per piece 135ml 710 kJ 3.5 g 25 g 6.1 g
169 kcal
Agrino Choc Chips Cone per piece 135ml 916 kJ 4.0 g 28.3 g 9.6  g
216 kcal
Mini Agrino per piece 35ml 314 kJ 0.9 g 7.1 g 4.8  g
76 kcal
Mega Stick per piece 100ml 849 kJ 2.6 g 18.6 g 13.2 g
204 kcal
Mini Mega per piece 60ml 849 kJ 1.6 g 11.2 g 7.9 g
204 kcal
Choc Ice Caramel Mini Bites per piece 25ml 217 kJ 0.7 g 4.9 g 3.3 g
52 kcal
Orange / Strawberry Lollies per piece 83ml 299 kJ 0 g 17.6 g 0 g
70 kcal
2-ICE Tub per piece 125 ml 467 kJ 2.5 g 13.9 g 5.1 g
111 kcal
REGIS Club Tub per piece 190ml 758 kJ 3 g 21.5 g 8.7 g
176 kcal
Push Up per piece 95ml 403 kJ 1.8 g 13.2 g 4 g
96 kcal